Welcome to George Peabody Library's Wunderkammer!

From dandies in danger to the lusty dramas of educated fleas, the George Peabody Library proves that the past was indeed STRANGE! Visit us in Baltimore (don't worry, in addition to the strange things depicted here, we also have plenty of old and rare and classy books, too).

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 9am -5pm; Friday 9-3

Address: 17 East Mount Vernon Place Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: 410-234-4943

Libguide: http://bit.ly/g1UsTk

Email: hherr1@jhu.edu

Rare books people of the world, unite and take over!  Though Morrissey may not approve of our liberty with his lyrics, the collegiality of rare books folks was on display during our class trip to the Walters Art Museum.  Digitization Specialist Ariel Tabritha and Dr. Lynley A. Herbert, Curatorial Associate in Manuscripts and Rare Books, graciously explained the technology employed by the Walters to digitize their amazing collection of manuscripts and gave us a private tour of some of the treasures in their library. The field trip was so classy we all but yearned to adorn ourselves with monocles and opera cloaks.  Sartorial concerns aside, our students made connections between materials they saw at Peabody with those housed at the Walters.

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