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From dandies in danger to the lusty dramas of educated fleas, the George Peabody Library proves that the past was indeed STRANGE! Visit us in Baltimore (don't worry, in addition to the strange things depicted here, we also have plenty of old and rare and classy books, too).

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 9am -5pm; Friday 9-3

Address: 17 East Mount Vernon Place Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: 410-234-4943

Libguide: http://bit.ly/g1UsTk

Email: hherr1@jhu.edu

Hey ladies and gents!  Are you ready to “round your hoop” and make some moonshine!  Why not try to recreate some lovely dishes from the English Housekeeper? The bride cake only requires 2 pounds of sugar, the moonshine sounds a delight, and who wouldn’t want to eat pink pancakes?  PINK PANCAKES!!!!!

From The English Housekeeper (1801)

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