Welcome to George Peabody Library's Wunderkammer!

From dandies in danger to the lusty dramas of educated fleas, the George Peabody Library proves that the past was indeed STRANGE! Visit us in Baltimore (don't worry, in addition to the strange things depicted here, we also have plenty of old and rare and classy books, too).

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 9am -5pm; Friday 9-3

Address: 17 East Mount Vernon Place Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: 410-234-4943

Libguide: http://bit.ly/g1UsTk

Email: hherr1@jhu.edu

The B’More Clubhouse is an amazing non-profit that “empowers individuals with mental illnesses to lead meaningful and productive lives of their choice in the community.” The George Peabody Library is thrilled to have a member of the B’More Clubhouse working as a “book doctor,” providing able and ready assistant to poor old books that are dirty and missing their covers; those of us who have had the privilege of working with our B’More Clubhouse member can’t speak highly enough of him.

This episode of B’More Clubhouse TV features many wonderful stories, including a stop at the Peabody!  The Peabody portion begins around 4 minutes into the program, but we heartily recommend that you watch the entire episode!